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Teaching #sportsbiz sales reps their best way to personal success through Engagement Techniques That Work, Efficient Time Management, & an Entrepreneurial Mindset.

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Every ticket sales rep needs to understand that they run their own business.  Just like a McDonald's, a Subway, or a Chick-fil-A, sales reps are a franchisee of their team or organization.

While the team will provide marketing, ticket packages, the stadium experience,'s up to the individual sales rep to be accountable for their own results.  If they are not #1 on the sales board, someone is just figuring it out better than them.  It's time to ensure reps get away from the excuses that hold them back from success, and understand that their success is completely dependent on THEM!

Get After It Sales will have parts of their sales training focus on individual accountability, the power behind product knowledge, the tenants of successful entrepreneurship, managing their own book of business, managing their own career growth, becoming the 'Ticket Sales Gal/Guy', the velvet rope approach to sales, and generating referrals through fantastic customer service. 

In today's world, customers are besieged with messages.  We get phone calls.  We get emails.  We get text messages.  We get social media notifications.  We see advertisements.  It's overwhelming to even the savviest of customers.

Most reps will admit, in 2019, that selling to someone once they get them on the phone isn't their biggest challenge.  It's getting someone to pick up the phone.  Getting a voicemail or email returned.  The conversation isn't the's getting the conversation to begin with.

The most critical individual skill set a sales rep can have is their ability to break through that clutter, or, how they engage with their team's fans.  

Get After It Sales will focus a large part of their training on just this challenge.  Training topics will include what engagement looks like, how to execute engagement, skills to engage, and how to create a personal voice that cuts through your customers' onslaught of communications.


On our sister site,, we've received almost 500 submissions on what #sportsbiz sales content to cover.  The #1 request, by far, has been questions that deal with how reps can be better at time management and more efficient with their time.  Not only have we created a TON of content on the site to support this challenge...we'll address it in a huge way in our sales training.

Get After It Sales will focus a large part of their training on topics including the Top 12.5 things a #1 sales rep does that a #2 sales rep does not do, time management, developing an efficient sales process, efficient questioning, pipeline management, lead qualification, sales short-cuts, and efficient & pro-active self-prospecting.  Your reps WILL get more out of their time after the training sessions.

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Our sales training is meant to empower reps to find their authentic sales voice to help engage with the modern customer.  Our training will challenge your reps with specific situational role playing, improv exercises, and conversational training.  Your reps better have their coffee, because they WILL be participating.



Just off the front lines of sales, our sales training focuses on the things that truly drive sales.  Intention, engagement (phone, email, social media), attitudes, behaviors, and processes are core focuses for today's modern salesperson...and those are the topics we focus on implementing across any type of sale (B2C, B2B, groups, etc.).  We are always reading, learning, and growing our training to stay on point with what's working.



Every team has a different focus or challenge at any given time, in any given year. Get After It works with each client independantly to ensure that the training will align with the focuses of that team at that time.  We have NEVER delivered the same training twice and we will create new content when the situation asks.



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Brett Zalaski
Founder/Head Trainer
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Brett Zalaski is the Founder of Get After It Sales. Brett’s passion for sales rivals his passion for finding, training, and developing talented ticket sales professionals. Brett believes the key to a great sales team comes down to the people that comprise it.

In it's first run, Get After It Sales ran over 70 training sessions for over 40 teams and organizations in MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, NCAA, NASCAR, NASL, MiLB, USL, AHL, & CFL.  The revenue of the company grew almost 300% in its two-and-a-half years, while seeing a 78% re-hire rate within 12 months from the organizations that took a first training.


In his five plus years in MLS with the National Sales Center, the Columbus Crew, and Houston Dynamo, Brett hired over 120 salespeople, saw almost 40 achieve All-MLS for Group or Season Ticket Sales, and has had over 40 promoted to leadership positions across MLS, NBA, WNBA, NASL, USL, NWSL, and NASCAR. Read more about Brett’s accomplishments in MLS here.

Brett, a graduate of Hamilton College, believes his first two career experiences shape his ticket sales training beliefs. Brett’s Bachelor of Sales comes from the Corporate Executive Board (CEB), a widely respected best practice research company for senior-level executives, recently widely lauded for their game-changing sales book The Challenger Sale. Despite the high-octane, grow-or-die environment, CEB spent a lot of time developing and rewarding their talent, and this level of effort towards their staff left a profound impact on Brett.

Brett holds a Masters in Sports Management from the NBA’s world-renowned Team Marketing & Business Operations (TMBO) group. At TMBO, Brett learned about the core philosophies and fundamentals of the sports business from the best and brightest in the industry, while also getting the opportunity to start the WNBA team in Atlanta, the D-League team in Erie, PA, and sell tickets for the FIBA Americas Tournament in Las Vegas.

From the NBA to the present, Brett successfully recruited and built sales teams from scratch (NLL's Boston Blazers), completely overhauled sales teams (WPS' Washington Freedom), oversaw the content creation, recruitment, and placement of MLS’ National Sales Center, and managed the Columbus Crew SC's ticket sales team to MLS leading attendance growth (2012 & 2013). The son of two educators, finding and developing talented people runs in Brett’s blood.

In 2018, Brett became a husband to the best person he's ever met, and step-father to two incredible young men...absolutely the best transaction of his career.  He's also the owner of two amazing dogs, a rescue mutt Rudy & a maltipoo Duke.  When Brett is not training, he loves attending sporting events, reading, walking his step-son to school, critiquing craft beer, and attempting to stay in shape.

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