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Welcome to the new #GetAfterIt Sales blog. I'm excited to continue to produce content here to help support the teams across all sports and sport organizations.

As a huge sales nerd, I've used my time, when not training, to speak with, read about, and just wholly ingest what's happening in sales right now to make sure my training is current.

Here are some key areas I'll be focusing my training, and this blog, on going forward:

Intent: Being intentional in the way that you are going about your job, everyday...as well as being intentional with the way we communicate with people. People don't want to be deceived...and have their blockers up, always, on deception. So disarm them with intent.

Engagement: Your ability to be engaging in every way you contact people (phone, email, text, social media, networking events, game nights, etc.) is what's going to help you cut through the clutter to stand out to your potential clients.

Self-Prospecting: Reps are being hand fed ticket buyer leads, which close at an insanely low rate. Self-prospected leads (via social media, on the internet, at competitors games, at the mall, at a restaurant, off the business journal, at your games, standing in lines, etc.) not only close at an incredibly high rate...they also close for higher values. With the explosion of social media, we have the ability to self-prospect in a way that will make a huge difference to everyone's bottom line.

Product Knowledge: One thing that really stood out to me, when talking to sales leaders outside of sports, is that they've been cutting back on traditional sales training and focusing on product knowledge training. With the increasing amount of information on the internet (website, Yelp!, Hoovers, etc., etc., etc.), and the ease of buying tickets on the internet, the importance for our reps to provide an experience that provides more information than the website can is imperative.

Social Selling: This is happening. I will be writing a lot more about this.

Authenticity: It's important, from a sales process standpoint, to sandwich 'intent' and 'product knowledge' with 'authenticity'. When you focus not just being forthright and the expert, but being yourself and listening, you'll have a devastating combination of honesty, integrity, and knowledge that will absolutely make sales.

More to come on all of these topics...as a new age of Get After It Sales gets rolling!

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