They're Just Not That Into You

You've had a great conversation with them. There seems to be a genuine interest in purchasing tickets. You have seats picked out and a follow up time. Then they don't answer the phone at the follow up call. You call twice more in a 10-minute span...and nothing. You email them, assuming they're just busy, or something came up. You call them that next day, the day after, the day after, etc. You email them. You try a text message. Nothing...and you're devastated. I'm sorry, ticket salesperson, they're just not that into you.

The problem is that that person isn't the only one. You look at your pipeline and see dozens of 'potential buyers' who 'just need to pick up the phone and I've got them'. You need to stop telling yourself this. The more you chase them, the more desperate you come across, the more they're just not into you.

They, all of them, aren't answering because they answer is 'no'...but they like you. They don't want to break your heart. They just, silently, hope you'll go away.

Here are a couple quick methods to avoid this dilemma:

Rule of Thumb: If you look at that person's name before you call them, and you believe they are not going to answer their're right, they're not. When you feel this, break up with them...immediately. The best salespeople are in the relentless pursuit of great sales conversations...and this is not one of them. These people do not need to take time out engaging new opportunities. Desperation is a stinky cologne.

Pressure Test: At the end of every call where there's interest, but they 'have to think about it' or are introducing a next step (have to talk to my wife, boyfriend, friends, etc.), interject yourself. Ask them, 'Are you just telling them you're doing this, or is there going to be a discussion?' If it's the latter remind them that it's not their job to sell your tickets. Let you be an asset to them to help convince their significant other(s).

Pipeline Management Diligence: If you are diligent in using a pipeline management document to track your efforts towards goal and organize your current leads, then you will never want this document to lie to you. Having these 'maybe' types of prospects on your pipeline makes that document lie to you. A lying pipeline management document is a worthless document. The more diligent you are with your pipeline, the less time you will spend chasing.

Reassure the Client: 'My favorite answer is 'yes', but my second favorite answer is 'no'', was something I would tell a lot of my clients. Have the confidence, in the conversation, to give them an out. 'This may not work out,' 'I'm a busy guy, please pick up the phone when I call, even if the answer's no,' etc., are all great ways to reassure the client that it's ok to have a small sales process that doesn't work...and it shows confidence that you, the rep, don't want to waste anyone's time. This is a great one.

Try them out, let me know what works...but, remember, have confidence in yourself and your pipeline that you will get away when the client is just not that into you.

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