Are you throwing away phone calls?

The above .gif is one of my favorite in sports. It's a picture of 50 Cent throwing away the first pitch of a Mets game. Don't laugh, ticket sellers, every day you are throwing away potentially valuable phone calls in just as poor a way.

One of my mentors, Declan Bolger, at Major League Soccer used a quote that really impacted me. He said, 'our job, as a salesperson or retention specialist, is to move the opportunity of buying tickets up people's ladder of priority.' It has stayed with me over time.

We know that we often throw away calls. We either don't apply enough urgency on the initial call, or let them get away from us by having them dictate the follow up on a follow up call. In either of these situations the sales process gets drawn out...and rarely ends in a sale. We need to put an end to these thrown away phone calls...we need to get something out of this nothing that moves the sales process forward.

In every conversation you have with a potential client, new or follow up, ensure that you are definitive on what the next steps are and have isolated all the potential barriers to purchase for the buyer. Don't let them dictate the take control. It's your time that you will get back.

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