What can ticket salespeople learn about referrals from a small craft brewery?

A few weeks ago an elementary school friend, who had learned of my very recent love of great craft beers, invited me to join him to travel to Monson, MA to Tree House Brewery. Out of Beer Advocate's Top 25 Beers in the Country, Tree House cracks the list 7 times. It's pretty legit. It also only sells cans and growlers on-site. You can't find it in a restaurant or a package store.

We arrived at 1 pm on a 12 pm opening. We had to park WAY up the street and were greeted by a line of almost 200 people waiting to buy 12 cans of beer...for almost $50. It was crazy. After describing the trip, and him trying the beer, my dad asked if we could go the next week. When we showed up at 11 am for a 12 pm open, in an absolute downpour, there were almost 150 people there.

Being forever inquisitive, as my dad held our spot, I walked around the line asking why they were there. 'The beer,' was always the first answer. 'Someone brought them with me,' was usually the second answer. As amazing as the beer is, the adventure is a big part of the success. They don't discount for first-time buyers, they don't allow them to get more beer, and they don't let them cut in line. It's about the experience...and the beer.

We spend a lot of time, as ticket salespeople, trying to drive referrals...or asking people what they can do for us. We forget to remind our customers that we have an incredible product...one that they shouldn't hesitate to share with their friends.

So what can a ticket salesperson do to get people to share their experiences?

  • Talk to them about open inventory around them, and ask who they would want so share the experience with?

  • Ask individual account holders who they are going with and why they are taking them.

  • Provide a pre-game stadium tour for potential clients a current client brings.

  • On 'Friends & Family Group Ticket Nights' give some of your best current clients your code...and follow up who buys through the account.

We live in a velvet rope culture. People want access to things that are awesome that the ordinary Joe does not get access to. You have that by being a ticket salesperson at a pro sports team...act accordingly!

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