Urgency is the Great Differentiator

On my travels, regardless of if it's a team, a start-up, or a Fortune 500 company, my favorite question to ask is, 'What is your best salesperson doing that your second best salesperson isn't?' When you get to the very top of any organizations sales board, the things that separate the best from the second or third best are small, but very important.

I've asked this question dozens and dozens of times, and one of the things I hear almost every time is that the best salespeople are just getting more answers than the rest of them. They are not afraid to tell their potential clients why today is the best day to buy...because today is always the best day to buy. You have to believe that as a salesperson.

I saw a sales trainer say that urgency exists in the mind of the buyer, so it's not a sales skill you can teach. I agree it's not a sales skill...it's a mindset. As a salesperson, the longer that you give your prospect to plan to use their tickets, the better off they'll be. That's also the mentality and mindset you have to take into every conversation as the salesperson. Believing that getting an answer serves the client and saves you time should make every conversation full of urgency.

You may think you have all the time in the world to sell to people, but the statistics would disagree. Stats have shown that, in a B2C conversation, you have 72 hours to make a sale without momentum...and it's a week for B2B sales. Act accordingly! It's for everyone's benefit...including your rise to the top of the sales board!

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