The Next Step

Starting on Monday, I will be the Vice President of Ticket Sales & Service for the Houston Dynamo, Houston Dash, and BBVA Compass Stadium. I type that with a ton of excitement...but not without pause.

The last almost three years creating, building, and running Get After It Sales has been the experience of a lifetime. As personally satisfying as it has been to see the revenue grow exponentially in each of the three years I've been running it, the long-lasting memories will be the relationships I've built and the hundreds of notes or calls I've received about how my trainings or consulting have positively changed organizations and people.

I've worked with or consulted 50 teams or organizations (on the nose!). By my calculations, that has seen me accumulate almost 250 days of sales training for just south of 1,200 salespeople. I can't begin to show my appreciation for the teams and organizations that have entrusted me to deliver each time I've worked with them. As much as I believe in the message of my sales training, it was always a humbling experience to be given these opportunities by people I have a world of respect for.

Those that know me, or see my trainings, know that my passion for sales, sports business, and the growth of salespeople is deeply genuine. To be able to do that on a broad scale has been such an incredible blessing. It has pushed me to be a more responsible person and better coach, and while also allowing the educational opportunity for me to grow as a salesperson and a sports businessperson.

I've told anyone who has asked that I would return to a team at some point. There was just too much accumulated knowledge to not get my hands dirty again...I just believed it was going to be another 2-5 years into Get After It Sales. That was not the case. I have the opportunity to take my dream job now...and I'm jumping on it.

As for Get After It Sales, I will continue to post blogs and use it as a vehicle to push people to the work I'm doing with ALSD on the new B2B sales website. There is still a message about sales that I believe needs to be I'm going to continue to do it. I hope you all continue to Get After It with me!

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